Monday, November 21, 2011

NaNoWriMo Update

NaNoWriMo is suffering against awesome things like my brother's wedding and gadding about the country.
I'm currently at 18,426. And I've been doing crazy stuff like writing 6,000 in one sitting and dorky things like that. If it weren't for word wars, I might just be dead. I still haven't given up yet. Foolish...and hopeful.

That puts me at 40,814 total for this version of my novel.
When the document opens I don't stare sickly at it for a half hour before I start typing something like, "And then a volcano exploded, burying them all in its ash" or "Ramirez tactical genius was no match for the alien invasion. The world would not remember that night" previous versions. I think we're getting somewhere.

Ramirez is getting on my nerves and Lilly is so confused she confuses me...and I spent one cold night of guilt imagining Judvor's blood on the snow...but other than that, things are going all right.

According to's terrifying statistics I need to write 3,158 each day. Think I can make it?

Perhaps rambling thoughts on PA, poetry, and my bro's wedding to come.... Most likely silence while I write in other places.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Poetry Procrastination

Getting distracted instead of starting NaNoWrMo...

This was inspired by an intriguing fictional character who has deep psychological issues. :-) It's still very rough, but here goes...


Beat your head upon this wall
You need more or you need less,
But nothing's letting you run free.
If it was easy to just confess.

There's a heavy weight somewhere,
Swinging from your angry soul.
You remember all the faces
But that hate is in your own blue eyes.

You have an answer for guilt
Laughing at you and wild pain.
But numbing blood and its questions
If it would only shout forever.

There's no answer you can hear,
You filled your ears long ago.
"It's never too late," they repeat.
But they never knew people like you.

Don't fight at the bloody tree.
Death only hurts a moment.
But this dying is forever.
You know falling down is killing you.