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Posts on the The Erratic Muse simply spring from one writer's musings.

It holds squibs on:

-experiences in the wonderful, terrifying world of writing,

-reviews on books, music and movies.

-giveaways, contests, word wars, and other forms of combat.

-rambles on living life as an unapologetic Christian.

-interviews with other authors.

-and simple thoughts on red peppers to plane rides.

About the Author

My name is Bethany. And I write.

Other activities include reading, obsessing over music, adoring a good movie, dedicated dancing, singing enthusiastically and consistently off-key, listening to Les Miz always, traipsing across America and occasionally beyond, and coping with severe addictions to salt water, cinnamon, and graveyards.

I work at my family's publishing company, teach writing, tutor eighth graders, publish infrequent articles, and plot and conspire on bigger writing projects.

I have been blessed with a faithful, Christian family with all the imperfections and awesomeness of a group of redeemed sinners striving to glorify a patient, caring Father.
I will never be able to thank and praise my Savior enough for the care and blessings He has showered on me. I have been and continue to be surrounded by a wonderful family, strong CREC church, honest friends, good teaching, and beautiful world.

I am a work in progress which means this blog is too! Its musings will hopefully improve with time, however, they will never be perfect. I enjoy discussion and hearing other people's wisdom. I am learning, learning, learning...

Art is an inescapable part of life. We will never be able to hide from what we see and hear and feel. God created us in His image...as imperfect creators. May we use these beautiful, slightly dangerous blessings and gifts to glorify Him.
May Christians dominate the arts! (Besides dominating the world...obviously.)


I try to think about what I see, read, hear and sort through it all by writing it down. Sometimes it's a ramble. Sometimes it comes out as a readable review.

I always enjoy talking about books, movies, music, photography, and art. And learning about them from people who know more than I do...which means I can learn from most people!

Feel free to share your opinions or suggest something to review. I really enjoy hearing recommendations!

Email me.

Current Projects

They are legion...

I may or may not update this section in the near future.