Monday, April 5, 2010

If Not Now - John Gorka

I enjoy a lot of John Gorka songs and his overall style. Unfortunately there really isn't a lot of good music on youtube of him (him and a lot of my other favorite artists). Anyways, I like this song a lot even though it's a bit repetitive... I don't really like the whole sing along thing, but at least the sound on it is pretty good. Get over his sometimes odd look and stage manner and appreciate the song. :-)

I love his "Soldiers after All" and "Always". We own his CD Old Future's Gone, which is pretty awesome. I guess one of the reasons why I enjoy his lyrics is - even though they are sometimes random and odd (and sometimes he's a little to peace loving ;-), they have pieces and lines that are profound and really stay with me. Some of the same reasons I try and listen to Bob Dylan too, I guess. ;-)

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