Monday, February 7, 2011

Rest in Labor

I recently came across this quote by Calvin in the O. Palmer Robertson's book I'm reading. It's been mulling about in my head for a couple days...

Sometimes God wants his servants to rest in his authority so as to labor even with no hope of success...Although our labor may be useless, it is enough that it pleases God. When we are ordered to do something, let us learn to leave the outcome in God's hand.
~John Calvin

Thanks for reading,
Miss Pickwickian

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Happy Homemaker said...

I read a chapter on Loving the Little years very similiar to that... she talked about the passage that says your wife is to be like a fruitful vine, and she pointed out that fruit trees as well as grape vines keep on making fruit and lots of it without regard for what happens to it. The trees just drop fruit every year all season, even if only 1/10 gets picked!
We should bear 'fruit' continuously, and leave what happens to it up to God.