Thursday, September 29, 2011

Back from a Week at the Beach...

Is it true you see me in this field tonight?
Is it true that you sent me to this fight?

Break me on the mountain,
Just don’t trap me in the valley.

Is this how you lead me in sun and in rain?
Is this how you feed me when I’m in pain?

Shatter me on the rocks,
Just don’t wash me out to the sea.

Is this what you meant by the nails and the cross?
Is this what you meant by living as lost?

Leave me in the desert,
Just send me heavy rain.

Is this what you planned in the void before time?
Is this why you made me too weak to climb?

Corrode me in the wind,
Just let me fly away again.


Elizabeth said...

This is beautiful! Did you write it yourself?

Bethany said...

Guilty as charged. Thanks, Elizabeth.