Sunday, December 25, 2011

Silence that can't stay quiet...

Stillness is my strain.
My heart will flood in effervescent silence.
I drown in wonder.
But it is peaceful, this shaking awe.
My soul burns to sing.

Shattered I stumble,
before a splintered manger and laughing cross.
You will reshape me
with unshakable and faithful hands.
Bind with freedom's chains.

Afflicted by light,
burning from windless reverence to wild song.
Give me melody.
Joy so ferocious and strong a word,
quiet and clarion.

Fullness overflows
Through wonderment that ruptures in vibrant praise and dance.
Can I comprehend
the beauty of grace, extent of love,
the face of my King?


~Miss Raquel said...

email this to me...

Anonymous said...

This is beautiful! It sums up how I feel about Christmas. It's really hit home to me this year that Christmas isn't just about the nativity scene - it's about the cross and the abundant grace, freedom and blessings that come with accepting Christ. That makes Christmas extra special!


Anna said...

Lovely Bethany, I must say, just lovely. :)
~ Anna P.