Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Scraps from the mind....

Life...as we know it, it is a wild, changing beast with attitude issues. In a good way. And so, The Erratic Muse spends months out there, all by its lonesome.

The first Friday in May, I had my last day of teaching duties for the semester and then we all galavanted to the beach. It was glorious. No rain, no internet, no alarm clocks. And all for a whole week. I got to see my family for seven days in a row! :-)

Anyone who says they are too busy for vacation, is very mistaken. Sleep, recharging, and a heap of reading are just what you need when you've been too busy too long. Salt water, gritty sand, and breezy sunshine are additional blessings to the fortunate. 

So...that's my life. 
Teaching is over (at least until I decide whether I'm going to commit to more or not). 
I've been able to begin books that have been sitting for months. And I have been able to study simply for fun/my own education. Latin at the beach. I think yes.

I sold my last livestock and rabbits. All that I have to my name is Freddy, the goose. And then of course, there are the dogs and cats. Henry, whom I have missed.

Oregon went from spring to winter to summer in an odd progression of moods. Heat, red clover, and frappuccinos are everywhere. 

Looming ahead are these events-

-Book deadline of doom for my nonfiction project. 5/29 Rough draft!
-Church camp.
-Rachel visiting from Alaska (much happiness).
-Trip to PA and NYC with Aisha (also much happiness).
-Wordsmithy Conference (speaks for itself).
-Decisions about fall work.
-Summer awesomeness--Swinging sessions with good books. Walking up Saddleback with sister and friends. Running wild on the beach. Downtown Portland. Work. Camping. Family. More family (nephew(s) and or niece on the way). Music. Sunburns. Late nights around the fire. The list is magnificently endless!
-And, to include all the above plus the unexpected and the unmentioned--tough and beautiful life.

Here are a few things I want to remember-

-Work hard.
-Don't give up. On the mini and the massive.
-The whys of it all. The point.
-Just where exactly I'm going.
-And just Who exactly it's all about.

It's not all pretty, but it is all beautiful...sometimes I just have to back up to see it a bit better. Maybe take my grabby hands off it so I can see the actual masterpiece Someone else is creating.

I am so thankful to God and His many blessings this past year. He is persistently faithful. And He paints the big and the little pictures. The shadows and the sunny spots.

May this be true of us all-
To live is Christ. To live in every minute of every day. It's all for Christ and about Christ.
And to die is gain. To die daily. To die to our own needs. To live for Christ. And eventually to die on earth. To live with Christ. To live with Christ on earth.
Sounds wonderfully strange? It is.

The end.

Happy summer.
However premature it may seem to those who live in Alaska. ;-)


Jemimah said...

awesome post Bethany :)

I'm writing this down "It's not all pretty, but it is all beautiful..." on my note or a blank space somewhere in my Bible. great reminder.

see you soon.

Jessica said...

Sounds loverly Bethany! A Wordsmithy conference?! *squeal squeal squeal* How exciting! Thanks to your review on the book, I'm now reading it. I love it. It's implementing what I learn into real life that I'm finding hard. How did you apply what you read about? I'm only on the 5th sub-tip of the first tip, because I'm taking it slowly, so I can apply it, only I'm not exactly sure how. Things will probably be clearer as I go along and as I just think about what he's said and let that take over my way of thinking.


Rachel Joy said...

okay...I'm actually going to comment after following your blog for a while!
just wanted to let you know that i really like your blog...(i follow your sister's blog as well). i love how you think about such deep topics.
i was telling my sister that you are "my kind of person!" (like your new year's goals mirrored mine so creepily closely, and you were working through the same list of questions [what is the most humanly impossible thing you want God to do for you] as I was, at the same time that I was doing them.)
anyway...sorry for the randomness! (and stop by to visit us while you are in PA--i live in Philadelphia! :)

Bethany said...

Thank you, Miwaza! I can't wait to SEE YOU!

Jessica, yes! There is so much to take in from "Wordsmithy". I'm so glad you're enjoying it.

Rachel, thanks for finally commenting. ;-) It's nice to meet you! :-) I'd love to meet you in "real life" if you'd be open to it in June! Email me? pickwickian.forevever(at)gmail(dot)com.

Thank you all for your encouragement and comments. They are very appreciated. ;-)

Rebekah's Quill said...

It's been awhile since I've commented on your blog. (My blog used to be donotgrowweary.:)I changed computers and ended up "losing' a lot of sites, yours among them. I forgot how much I enjoyed your posts!

You sound like you have a lovely summer planned! I hope you learn and grow with joy! :)

To the KING be all the glory!

Happy Homemaker said...

I hope you have a great summer!