Tuesday, September 4, 2012


how selfish you are
holding it all to yourself
give me some

you've left me alone
while I cannot penetrate
rusted doors

who am I, fainting?
with yearning to carry what
I cannot

my pain is empty
how black it is around you
homeless ache

what is this anger?
when all I do is expound
empty things

unreachable fire
its one consuming demands

I can only lift
faint shadows when we address
Someone else.


Susannah said...

I think this is my favorite of all of your poems. Really captures a hard-to-describe emotion. also, I LOVE YOU.

AnnaKate said...

Wow, I love this! This is such a beautiful, stormy poem that captures an emotion I don't even know what to call! Fantastic. Would you mind if I linked to this on my blog?

Bethany said...

Thank you, both. Encouragement means a lot!

Of course, Anna Kate. Thanks for asking.

Anna said...

Bravo, madam. :)