Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Saturday night meditation...

Take me and remake me
do something new
in this darkness.

Give me love that is daring,
willing to be scorched
and open to nails.

Make my roots deep and grounded,
unsatisfied with this,
always thirsting for you.

Teach me to long for something bigger,
give me desire that will hurt,
a passion that will burn hot.

Thrust me in the refiner's fire,
only watch and shape me gently,
always beside me and with me.

Use me in this scene you are always weaving,
feed my lines and my cues patiently,
show me a glimpse of the story.

Just don't leave me to flat comfort or happiness,
never let me outlive my love for you,
forever fill me up and pour me out.


Rosanne Lortz said...

Lovely and inspiring sentiments!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Thanks for sharing. This reminds me of how Aslan got in there and ripped into Eustace's dragon skin. Boy it hurt, but it was so worth it.