Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Passion and Purity - Elisabeth Elliot

Passion and Purity: Learning to Bring Your Love Life under Christ's Control by Elizabeth Elliot
Kelsey Hough

Rating: 9
Impact: 9

Read it Again: Certainly!
Recommend it: Highly

What to Expect

Elisabeth Elliot does a beautiful job of weaving her love story with Jim Elliot into a book inspiring one to purity. The book is divided into concise, applicable chapters. Its a delightful, easy read.

She deals openly and honestly with temptation. Our culture needs this!
Unfortunately she does gives us more details then necessary from Jim's love letters at the end of the book. This, I think, will keep it out of the hands of younger men and woman that could really use her wisdom from the beginning of all this guy/gal stuff.

My Squib

This book was so good for me!

Elisabeth Elliot excels at giving you the obvious, but difficult to completely grasp, truth in an understandable and applicable manner. I think she has a similar gift as C.S. Lewis in this aspect.

I have been able to read several of her other books in the past as well as Jim Elliot's published journals. It was very interesting to hear about their romance from her perspective. Jim Elliot has always been an inspiration to me.

This book was encouraging, inspiring, and convicting. Excellent for anyone considering marriage, preparing for marriage in the future, or even married couples.

I was greatly blessed by it.

Thank you, Aisha, for reading through this with me and for all our great discussions!

From the Book

"Does this story seem strange? Does it stretch to the breaking point and early twenty-first century credulity? If it does, perhaps it is because there is an idea of honor that has largely been lost.
Honor is fidelity to a system of fixed values and relations. Is there anything today, even in the imagination of Christians, for which we are willing to pay the price of self-sacrifice? Any ideal left, any clear cut goal, any control of passion?
Surely there is somewhere, but it is hard to find."

"We are not meant to die merely in order to be dead.
God could not want that for the creatures to whom He has given the breath of life.
We die in order to live."

Jim and Elisabeth Elliot
Wedding Day!

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dura mater said...

I really like the quotes you chose. And I have always appreciated Elisabeth Elliot's ability to help me think of things in a new and clearer way. Good post!