Friday, August 20, 2010

Josh Groban is Josh Groban

Actually, there is more to this post. ;-)

My sister got Josh Groban's original album, Josh Groban, this year for her birthday. We've been listening to it a lot. Really. Like a lot.
And that's cool. I like it. Josh Groban is great in his realm. He has a seriously amazing voice and some of his songs are over the top. Love 'em.

But I am not a Josh Groban fan. I think the hype is starting to wear off, but I know a lot of people got turned away from his music by the crazy Grobanite fans. I confess I've been very tempted, but that's a bad reason to ignore a talented musician.

I enjoy how Josh Groban mixes classical and almost opera type quality to some of the pop music he sings. He certainly fills a unique place.

If you've been reading you know I am an Andrea Bocelli fan. :-)

Beka, a dear friend, compared the two singers very well (and she really likes both).
Josh Groban is milk chocolate, Andrea Bocelli is least 72%. Josh Groban is a young man, Andrea Bocelli is da man.

Yeah, anyways... Both have excellent talent.

Here's some videos with some pretty top quality milk chocolate. ;-) These are my three favorite Josh Groban songs.

Sorry about the creepy woman.... Couldn't find another video.

I sing to life! Awesome!
See translation for the entire song here.

Talk about dramatic?
Okay...You are allowed to be made sick by his fans. Gag...
This is 2007 in the hype of the Groban craze. Since then I think he's learned a little more grace and humility during stage performance. ;-)

If you can't stand it all, just listen. It's beautiful!

Love this song. Love, love, love!
After having said that, I think its a little romanticized... And I don't even like Van Gogh's art.
Sister says Vincent is my secret soul mate. ;-) Don't think so...

But I love this song!

Thanks for reading. Hopefully this added some beauty to your day!
Miss Pickwickian


Daughter of the King said...

I LOVE both Josh Groban & Andrea Bocelli! I have all of Josh Groban's albums and one of Andrea's albums and I love them to death. For some reason their genre of music really speaks to me more than any other genre out there. Do you like listening to 'The 5 Browns' and 'Michael Buble?' Both of those artists are a favorite of mine too.

Polka Dot said...

Canto alla Vita is one of the greatest songs of all time. And Josh Groban has an amazing voice. AND Van Gogh IS your soulmate.

Miss Pickwickian said...


Thanks for the comment.

I do listen to Michael Buble, but I don't feel that his music has the same depth very often. I do really enjoy it though! (Certain persons in my family DO NOT, so he's not on too much. ;-)
My great aunt is crazy about him and got to go to one of his concerts.
I also have a dear friend who got to attend one.
I like it how he appeals to the older generation too.

I've never heard of 'The 5 Browns', but I'll have to look them up!

Thanks for commenting.

Polka Dot,
Yes, it is an AMAZING song!
And no, Van Gogh is not my soulmate. :-)

Thanks for commenting.
Miss Pickwickian

Anonymous said...

I'm confused. What do you mean "crazy fans"? What have they done? I don't see his fans as any "crazier" than the fans of any other singer. And in fact, most are very nice people (do charity work, etc.). Can you please explain?

Anonymous said...

I am a little confused. The caption under the "Awake Live" video indicates it's from 2002, but that album didn't come out until 2006 with the tour done in 2007 I think. Does that caption actually belong with one of the other two videos?

Miss Pickwickian said...

Thanks for commenting and trying to clear things up.

First, I know and love some great Groban fans. Not saying anything degrading about them in the slightest.
Groban fans have been organized into doing some awesome stuff and thy are awesome people.
I just know some people get turned off by girls swooning over Josh Groban. If they think that's "creepy" I still want them to look at Josh Groban as a talented singer.

Thanks for your correction. The "You are Loved Video" is from 2007. In a hurry trying to post and just grabbed the first date. I went back and looked and that is when the poster joined youtube.
Thanks for pointing that out. Shame on me! I appreciate the correction.

Sorry if my post gave the wrong flavor.

Thanks again for commenting.
Miss Pickwickian

Jubilant Wife said...

I really liked the first song!

About the "crazy fans"... I would have to agree that it's a little off-putting when girls you know start drooling over posters and 'falling in love' with a singer... come on.

crobinson9 said...

Gotta love that Josh Grobin. I bought a CD off the internet and son-of-a-gun, it was in Italian!
That boy could sing the socks off a nun!