Wednesday, September 8, 2010

More on Inception

Maybe some of you are tired of thinking about Inception...but that's going to be awhile for me. :-)

in·cep·tion: The beginning of something, such as an undertaking; a commencement.

The beginning of something... Putting an idea out there. Changing, however subtly, the way someone thinks. Isn't this what we are doing when we are writing?

Thinking, thinking.



So, we are basically Leonardo DeCaprio. Sweet.

Writing is important. (You all already know I think this.;-)
And what you read and watch is really important too. How are we getting changed by what's going in? Are we changing people by what's coming out? How?

Just thinking,
Miss Pickwickian maybe the pic didn't have that much to do with the post, but it's cool.


Daughter of the King said...

Very random thoughts....they only make me want to go see this movie even more now though!

Amanda Evans said...

Nope, not tired of thinking about Inception at all.