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Saints and Soldiers (2005)

Saints and Soldiers
Written by Geoffry Panos and Matt Whitaker
Directed by Ryan Little

Rating: I love this movie, but I do recognize it isn't cheese free, so I'm not going to attempt to give it a number.
Watch-ability: I didn't get bored.
Impact: High...

Watch it Again: I have already watched it multiple times and as I own it. I don't this is the last.
Recommend it: Yes!

What to Expect

A World War II movie loosely based on a real event. The camera follows five men, all very different, on their mission to reach fellow Americans from behind enemy lines.

My Squib probably already know I have a weakness for movies during the World Wars. :-)

Saints and Soldiers is awesome for a variety of reasons.

Despite the fact that sometimes the lines fall into some pretty sticky cheese, the characters are genuine. I love them all. (Especially the German guy with the creepy blue eyes. LOL.) Deacon is the awesomeist.
If you've know the plot of this movie and know me, you know why we click. There are plenty of complicated issues and ultimate sacrifice.

This was a low budget movie, but don't take that to heart. These people really pulled it off. They won over 7 awards and totally deserved it.
Gould and Deacon really excel in their acting. The only one that bothered me (and this was only occasionally) is Gordan Gunderson played by Peter Holden.

The extras are also very interesting. They talk about their research and family from World War II. I really enjoyed it.

This film is rated PG 13 for violence. I would add disturbing images. The beginning is certainly disturbing. There is a lot of blood, but it's never gore for gore's sake. It's tasteful. There is some very mild language.

I totally recommend it. You'll have to tell me what you think.

From the Movie

There are some truly amazing quotes, but I can't remember any word for word and I can't find any on the web. You'll have to watch it yourself. ;-)

Cpl. Nathan (Deacon) Greer
acted by
Corban Allred
You can read an interesting interview with him here.

Medic Steven Gould
acted by
Alexander Polinsky

Gould and Pvt. "Shirl" Kendrick acted by Larry Bagby.

Gould, Kendrick, and Flt. Sgt. Oberon Winley acted by Kirby Heborne.

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Noah said...

I have watched this movie, and I thought it was great!!