Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Dragon's Tooth - N.D. Wilson

The Dragon's Tooth
by N.D. Wilson
Random House 2011

Rating: 8
Readability: 9
Impact: Interesting style. Memorable story.

Read it Again: Probably
Recommend It: Yup.

What to Expect

A story with many threads, gripping for all ages, but with the distinct flavor of being written by an understanding father of wild boys (and/or someone who has retained boyish delight).

N.D. Wilson combines the mundaneness of American living with fantastical keys, teeth, and hidden academies. He paints interesting characters and tells the unbelievable in such a normal, unapologetic way that it sends you knee-deep before you realizes you're only sitting in a chair reading a book.

The Dragon's Tooth drops a few characters, which was a little annoying, but forgivable. Overall it will make you scared, sad, and happy, but most of all, eager the next book!

My Squib

The Dragon's Tooth is somehow both darker and more frolicking than most stories. Which is, in some ways, just how Christian fiction should be. N.D. Wilson never lapses into homilies or Scripture verses, but can't help incorporating Biblical themes and language which form part of the backbone of the book. He's a great example of a Christian author--not an author who writes "Christian fiction".

The characters were interesting and I thought Cyrus was a wonderful lead...most of his characters use snarky wit in abundance, but have multiple other differences which make them distinguishable.

His descriptions are often both unique and artistic and his musings on death make me almost ready to forgive him for writing more kid's fiction instead of more Notes form the Tilt-a-Whirl. :-) I shall remain patient in controlled waiting for the rest of the series and hopefully some day...some adult fiction? That would make me blissfully happy.

I haven't been reading a lot of fantasy lately and to start a book of this size, I have to trust the author. I enjoyed every minute of it.

From the Book

If you've read the book we can discuss the finer aspects (including my two favorite characters...both amazing), but if you haven't read it yet, you really should. Should have read it the first week, but remembered to review it...unlike me. ;-)

If you haven't seen the book trailer yet, go check it out here. 

Fiction is good for the soul. And sometimes I need a reminder. Thank you, N.D. Wilson!

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Hannah Woltersdorf said...

Thanks for posting your review! I really enjoyed some of his other books that he has come out with. (Even if they are children's fiction :) You are right, It would make me VERY happy if he came out with some adult fiction!

You are a very talented writer! Thanks for sharing all of your beautiful words with all of us. :)

~Happy Blogging~