Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Magical Word Counts...

Been doing a lot of planning, scheduling, and goal setting these days.

I've told myself I can monologue about my WIP as soon as I'm back to 25,000 words (yes, I started over). Right now I've set a daily 1,000 word quota. Some days are more torturous than others, but it's all been worth it. Back up to 12,000.

Teaching and tutoring again for the fall. Always helps keep me with a fresh perspective.

Been writing scraps of sad looking poetry...which makes me immensely happy.

Did you see the rainbow today? Too bad something so majestic makes me think of something trivial...like little green men. Sort of like the word "magical". Hmm...


Jennoelle said...

I want a rainbow. Even if it does require the little green men. (:

Methinks you should post some of your sad poetry...that kind is my favorite.

Elizabeth said...

Isn't it funny how writing anything, sad or happy, makes you feel happy?

Sadly we don't get very many rainbows where I live. When it rains here it is always gray, and the sun does not tend to come out afterwards.

Sheean said...

goal setting is one of my favorite things to do.
i have goals set in every area,
for i want everything life has to offer. 'sides, it's fun to dream.

thank you for inspiring me to want to set a goal before the day's end. :)