Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Canto Della Terra and Bellissime Stelle - Andrea Bocelli

Andrea Bocelli has an amazing voice. :-) Here is a video of "Canto Della Terra" from 2000 and "Bellismie Stelle" from 2007. This hall in "Canto Della Terra" is AMAZING! We currently only own his album My Christmas and its about time to put it away...can't wait until next Christmas! :-)

I love the instrumentals on his album Amore and the songs are so beautiful, however some of the translations aren't particularly edifying. The acoustic guitar really adds a lot on that album I think. I also love his version of "The Prayer" with Josh Groban, but I couldn't find a good recording of it on the web. Its interesting to hear their voices side by side too to see there differences. (Especially when my sister likes Josh Groban over Andrea Bocelli!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

I really enjoy hearing all the different music Bocelli does. He's has such a wide range and sings with so many different artists.

Miss Pickwickian

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