Saturday, January 30, 2010

If Something Should Happen - Darryl Worley

I couldn't get a version of this song to post on the blog, but you can see a good video of it on youtube.

If Something Should Happen

Buddy you and me go way back,
Camp Lejeune, all through highschool,
And before that
So I dont mind telling you I'm scared to death
The doctor's going in on the 25th
Its the same thing my daddy had
Thank God they caught it fast

But if something should happen,
Stop in sometime and say hello to Katherine
You and Mary Anne could always keep her laughing
She's going to need alot of that
Take her out to a movie
Its going to take some time before she's back on her feet
I know you think that I'll be fine and I'm talking crazy
But there's always that chance,
That's why I'm asking,
If something should happen

Little Nathan's growing up so fast
This november he'll turn 10
He wants to play quarterback
Im supposed to coach his team this fall
But I may not get to after all
He's going to need someone to catch a pass
And to throw it back

If something should happen
Oh promise me you'll take that boy out camping
Throw a line out in that water every now and then
Answer any question that he has
Maybe once he gets older,
You can sit and have that first cold beer together
And tell him a couple stories on his father
He's always known you were my best friend
That's why im asking,
If something should happen

I hope I live until I'm 80
And I get to see my son get married
And have babies
And make a million more memories with my wife
Yeah buddy I pray your right
But if its my time to leave
Would you watch over them for me?
If something should happen
If something should happen
mm hmm hmm

-Darryl Worley

Thanks for reading,
Miss Pickwickian

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Anonymous said...

That it probably (that is to say, definitely) the strongest argument in favor of 'lol'.
If you use 'lol' when appropriate then I wouldn't have any objection at all. However, when I used to chat with people on the net I never once encountered anyone who used it...appropeiately, so I came to the conclusion that it was an evil virus taking over the world.
However, I concede the point (a little bit). If you can use it with moderation, at the right times, then I guess its okay.
--Jadon aka aussiefeller