Thursday, December 2, 2010

Blue Christmas - Elvis and Bocelli :-)

I love this song. It was a favorite of my Grandma's (especially when my Grandpa was in the army).
Anyways...I love it. These are two different and wonderfully perfect performances. ;-)

I like Elvis Presely's version by himself best, but this one is good too. :-)

And of course I love Andrea Bocelli's... :-)

I've been enjoying all the Christmas music!

Thanks for looking,
Miss Pickwickian


Anna Olivia said...

Andrea is my favorite singer on earth. I have his Christmas CD, though I've never yet heard this song. He's fabulous, especially since my mother is from Italy. ;)

Esmeralda Gatsby said...

*sigh* Cannot get enough of Andre Bocelli. :)
And Elvis is awesome. :)
Lol, at first when I read your title I thought for a moment that you had a video of Boceilli and Elvis singing together. Then I was like, no wait, one of them's been dead for a while. :-D

Ben said...

Hey, I just want to say. You have an awesome blog.
And this song is pretty cool too, even though kinda depressing... and I dunno about Elvis' sweat-glistening hairy chest... maybe he should take off his coat?

Polka Dot said...

Actually, they could do that, Esmeralda, even though Elvis IS dead, because this duet with Martina McBride is posthumously. She was like 2 years old when he sang this. ;)

LOVE Elvis' version... better than Andre Bocelli's, in my opinion, esp. since Martina McBride is SO much better than Reba McEntire.

Jubilant Wife said...

I grew up with Elvis's Christmas album, so that one is very familiar, but Andre's voice is special.
And, I agree with Ben's suggestion about Elvis's coat. Or he could button up his shirt...