Monday, December 6, 2010

Busy Writing

Recently I've been noticing some alarming patterns in my writing.

1) In my fiction, I can't seem to start a sentence with anything except the subject.

2) I have been throwing away and starting over instead of rewriting and editing (and I think this has been going on for years). And rewriting is the worst. :-)

3) I can't seem to write anything with out killing somebody. (In the understand.)

4) I'm in the middle of too many projects.

I was able to get a lot of writing done over the last week.
The last Saturday of November I think I broke my record with 5,300 words in one project in one day.
I wrote over 15,00 words over the week and the end of Where Loyalties Lie is actually in site! That is exciting for me (like...really, really, really exciting!). I know it's going to need some extremely painful and deep rewriting, but at least something is getting down!

I need to focus on non-fiction writing projects for awhile, so I'm hoping I can finish the rough draft (which is still going to take some time and dedication) and then work through the non-fiction I need to do.

We'll see.
I've been working on several projects side by side, but I just need to storm some and finish them! (At least rough drafts...please!)

I've been doing a lot of you should be seeing some book reviews this week. (Not sure how many people will get excited about that, but there it is....)

I am currently down at my sister's getting refreshed by the wild, creative, and tireless imagination of an adorable little girl and the snuggles and sweetness of her little sister. Life is good...and I am exhausted.

Thanks for reading,
Miss Pickwickian


Jubilant Wife said...

I like #3. :-) You DO like to kill people! But only people you really like... which breaks our hearts!
I can hardly wait for the end of Where Loyalties Lie! I've been waiting for it for YEARS!!! Please, I'm willing ot be a guinea pig for anything!

Elisabeth said...

I used to have the opposite problem - I couldn't bring myself to kill anybody. I think I've improved somewhat in that line (how lovely that sounds, doesn't it!) though never somebody I was really fond of. :)