Thursday, December 30, 2010

Tennessee Waltz - Colm Wilkinson

I finally used my ITunes gift card and bought Colm Wilkinson's Broadway and Beyond the Concert Songs.
Unfortunately I'm still a noob (in a big way) with my MP3 player and can't figure out how to get new music on it...but I have been able to listen to the album on my computer.

It is an extremely interesting variety and one of the songs included is this one....
I'm afraid he doesn't realize all we require him to do is to hold still and sing... Too many awesome musicals performances I guess. :-)
Even if his animation and stage presence annoys you stay until the end of the video. It's the best. ;-)

If you think this is a weird song for Colm Wilkinson track down his Whiskey in the Jar. LOL. :-)

Thanks for reading,
Miss Pickwickian

P.S. Unless you get the wrong impression... I am not in general a musical fan...but I do love Colm Wilkinson's voice and I am a Les Miserables fan. In a big way. :-)


Anna Olivia said...

I am a HUGE Colm fan. <3 He's a most talented Irishman. And the one and only Jean Valjean of Les Miz. ;)

dura mater said...

Perhaps he needs to make those funny faces to communicate his emotions with his voice? He's cute!

Happy Homemaker said...

I love it! He IS cute... Kind of like a teddy bear.

Anna Olivia said...

Happy homemaker - you said it! He is JUST like a Teddy Bear. <3 All of us in my family adore him, and say he has the most twinkly eyes! And plus he's Irish. I want to meet him. ^_^