Monday, May 23, 2011

24 Hours for your Entries!

Welcome Les Miserables Week! Link up on the event page and let the miserableness begin!

For you who are still trying to send your Les Miz essays in you are now beginning the 24 hr grace period. By 4pm tomorrow all entries will be closed.

To add to your motivation (or anticipation if you are one who has already submitted their entry) look at these following amazing prizes. It has been a pleasure to work with different artists, etsy shops, and others who have helped donate or give input to this event.

Runner up prizes will include Les Miz themed jewelry, artwork, books, and posters.

If we more than 100 essays are submitted a recording of Les Miz will go to the second prize winner.

Picture coming soon!

Book of Les Miz themed photo art along with phrases from the lyrics.

"There is a flame that never dies."

Bracelet by Foxwise

"24601: Chains will never bind me"

Ring by Foxwise

Say it Sweet
has a beautiful collection of Les Miserables themed posters full of awesome Victor Hugo quotes. The winner will be able to choose their favorite quote as well as background, colors, etc.

Coming Soon!
Original Les Miz artwork!

Charm Necklace
Charms could be worn together or alone. I think Rustic Charm did an awesome job combining different themes and phrases from Les Miz.

Thanks for reading! I am excited about the upcoming week.

Miss Pickwickian