Monday, May 30, 2011

"Les Miserables" for Life

Thank you to all who contributed in various ways to the Les Miserables event.

Unfortunately I had the flu last week and was swamped creating a new missions blog, editing my sad book, and trying to catch up on life after engagements, graduations, and general insanity. I would have liked to dedicate much more time and thought to the whole event, but I'm happy with the participation, ideas, and fun.

Thank you to those who donated their time, efforts, and resources. It is all greatly appreciated.

Les Miserables is far from done on the Erratic Muse. It's probably going to pop up on a regular occasion. There will be more Javert posts...I'm sorry. It doesn't seem like I ever get tired of it and I continually think of things to wonder about the story...just not sure how to say them.

I'm still waiting to sit in front of a live production and to see a decent, true movie adaption. We'll see. I'm sure Les Miserables is not done with me or the world at large.

Thanks again,
Miss Pickwickian

P.S. Tomorrow I'll finally post my Thor review that's been waiting and then I'm going to finally talk about Poland! YAY!

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