Saturday, August 6, 2011

Book Addictions

I'm writing from Boise, because life ran away with me again. :-)

Did you know Borders is going out of business? Two book stores with sales in one day. Bad for my health (aka checkbook). But I did get some good books I've been wanting for a long time. :-)

Including Story: Substance, Structure, Style, and the Principles of Screenwriting by Robert McKee and The First Five Pages (both of which I've been wanting forever!).

By the way, the Next Generation Writer's Conference was amazing. :-) More writing stuff coming up...



Edith F. said...

I have been staying as far from Borders as possible, because if book store sales are bad for your health, they'd probably kill me!

I'm intrigued by your interest in screenwriting. I've barely dabbled in it, but would like to try more. Are you planning to participate in Script Frenzy in April?


Bethany said...


Thanks for the comment.

Yes...Borders will be the death of me. ;-)

I hope to do Script Frenzy in 2012. I actually tried this last April and got a good portion done, but had to put the project aside to work on a more important deadline.

Are you?

I've worked on scripts, but I'm still in the early learning stages. I'll probably ramble on about in more in the days to come.


Edith F. said...

I don't think my schedule will allow me to do Script Frenzy, though if I'm feeling adventurous I might give it a try. It might be a good chance to release my muse without my inner editor -- which long ago became impossible for me when writing prose...

I look forward to your ramblings.