Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Change is Part of Life

There are a lot of factors to the Erratic Muse's silence, but one has been my current aversion to the clutter on my home page.
There may be continuous changes throughout the next several days...or lets face's gonna be weeks. Life is just about to tear off with me...again.

Feel free to give feedback and notify me if something isn't working.

I was very attached to the map look, but I need something less busy. At least for in this stressful phase of life. :-)

As I near the publication of my first book (YAY!), I am laying to rest my well used screen-name, Miss Pickwickian. From now on you can call me Bethany or Bethwackian, whichever you prefer. ;-) And please don't tell any creepy stalkers about my true identity. Thanks. You're a true friend.

In celebration of my attempted return to the blogging world and in anticipation for a new and improved Erratic Muse, I'll be hosting a giveaway! Keep your eyes open!

When the shuffling, clicking, and rearranging is all over, we'll have to do another for celebration. ;-)

Thanks for being patient. Miss you guys and all the bloginess of my former life.

Thanks for putting up with me and my erraticness,


Melody Joy ________________________________ said...

I like the new layout so far.

Bobbi Jo said...

I'm liking the clearer look of the blog, too. Blessings - may every day be new strength and every night rest away the stress!

~Miss Raquel said...

loving the new look, beautiful!! Can't wait to see what else you do! Let me know if you'd like me to play around with the designing at all!

Ooh! Looking forward to the giveaway! (FINALLY another one ;)

Love you!

Happy Homemaker said...

I like the background!

DJ Wilson said...

I'm excited to see what else you'll be doing in the future of the blog!

Anonymous said...

This is going to be exciting!!
And I'm looking forward to the giveaway!
~ Mirriam

Alex Anacki said...

I'll be looking! :)