Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Radical Together - David Platt

Radical Together: Unleashing the People of God for the Purpose of God  by David Platt
Multnomah (2011)

Rating: 8
Readability: 8
Impact: 9

Read it Again: Yes.
Recommend It: Yes!

What to Expect

Pastor David Platt moves from his best selling book, Radical, focusing on our own ambitions and expectations, to Radical Together, a book that focuses on the position, responsibility, and power of a community of believers.

Radical Together is a call back to a Christ-centered vision for the Church--her energy, resources, and focus.

The book focuses on both home-based discipleship and missions abroad, in a manner modeled after the Gospel.

David Platt is direct and engaging. He doesn't smooth over the tough stuff. If you aren't prepared to be convicted or spend time in serious evaluation, don't read this book.

My Squib

Radical Together draws its arguments and conclusions from the character of God and the fallen state of Man. The Church is a body of sinful, messed up, complicated people...all wrong for this beautiful, momentous task, but together created for a weapon of victory.

We are called to be selfless followers of a self-centered God. He is not our slot machine. We are His servants. There is no greater joy than serving, glorifying, and enjoying Him as He has called us!

A book taking the Church this seriously is both refreshing and somewhat depressing... We've been doing a pretty rotten job.

Both of David Platt's books have given me a lot to think about and evaluate in my own priorities and attitudes. They are dangerous stuff. I'd love to talk to someone else who has read them and has another take.

They've been my book of choice to give away for 2011, but I guess I still haven't decided what I think on all their aspects. Time for a reread... If only there wasn't so much else to read too! ;-)

From the Book

"Are these steps radical in and of themselves? For some the answer has been yes. For others, the answer has been no. But for all, the aim has been to set our lives and our churches in motion by putting ourselves in positions where God can mold our hearts with his gracious Word for his glorious purpose."


~Miss Raquel said...

I have *yet* to read this book!! I don't remember where I got it, though...maybe YOU gave it to me ;) Yeah, actually...I think it was for my b.day this year, right? Hmm...well...I need to read it. Glad to know your opinion of it ;)


Leper Watchman said...

I like Radical. It refers to getting to the root of things - source - where they start in our thinking. This is why the Van Til tradition is good, because it helps us be aware of roots, as in, presuppositions. We pre-suppose - believe as true without proof - that the God of the Bible is there, and the Bible is His authoritative revelation. He Created, He Owns, He designed the If-Thens (physically and morally). He graciously reveals in advance how He will judge us through time and eternity.