Thursday, February 25, 2010

American Dream - Me

This song is still in the reworks and there have been some rather varying opinions on it. If you have a moment to tell me what
you think it means I would love it! It seems to be sending different messages to different people. :-) Suggestions are always welcome.

New American Dream

I wasn’t good enough for you
I’ll be good enough for someone more forgiving
I can change myself, but you are already gone
Maybe I’m just another American mom

I love you and I forgive you
Your boy has nothing to base a forgiveness on
All you ever taught your only child was to run
Maybe his just another American Son

You’ve burned love in a tired heart
I know you’ll regret it all when you’re far away
You’ve lost it all and you’ve helped the world spin what’s mad
Maybe your just another American dad

My heart will always be part yours
But it’s turned and it will never let you back in
Someday someone will actually be who they seem
Maybe that is just the new American dream

Done with love, but love this country
If her fathers could be husbands and fathers now
But there really might not be anything that’s wrong
Maybe it’s just another American song

© Miss Pickwickian

Maybe I'll post what I was thinking and what I mean later...
Thanks for reading,
Miss Pickwickian


Aisha said...

Very interesting. I'd like to get the meaning behind the song, so I'd encourage you to post that...
It's kind of sad.

Johanna said...

I already correctly determined the meaning of the I get a prize? :-D

Miss Pickwickian said...

I will post what I wanted it to mean soonish, but I would like to hear what you thought it meant first, Aisha. :-)

Johanna, you get the prize of being very smart. :-) Sorry, that's it. ;-)

Aisha said...

It conveys a heartful of regret. And no second chances.
Yes, very sad. But why you wrote it, I cannot fathom.

Miss Pickwickian said...

Hmm...Well, what I want it to mean is that a lot of American dad's are letting everyone down... But only some people are getting that concept so I don't think it is very clear.

I certainly don't want it to be a depressing or an anti-American song.

I actually began the song several days ago as a love song where the girl didn't feel good enough. Then, as it was mulling in my mind, I was thinking how a lot of American woman have horrible self esteem and how a lot of them must feel like this.

Obviously a not every one is doing their job, but the American dad really needs to buck up for America to buck up.


Thanks for commenting!

Aisha said...

After reading it again I can see how you wanted it to say that. But it doesn't say it very clearly.
Very insightful, to be sure.
Thanks for explaining. :)

Catuuri said...

Wow... Bethany, you have a gift.

I LOVED this.

Do you write music for your songs?

We should collaborate! :)

Miss Pickwickian said...

Charity, thank you for your encouraging comment! :-)

No, I am totally no good at composing music!! Joseph just began trying on one, but he's pretty busy. ;-)

Also...I don't think I've got this stress thing down correctly to be consistent from verse to verse in most of my songs. I've been trying to edit them so they match up better. I think what might be best is to try and get music for the first verse and then edit the following verses to match stress wise. I don't know...

Any collaboration would be greatly enjoyed and appreciated!!!!