Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Invisible Fairytale - Me

This song has been mulling about in my head for several weeks. During work awhile ago I was listening to my country Pandora station and a song came on about how life is not a fairy tale. Basically they don't exist, etc... I was inclined to agree, but then it was like - HOLD ON! There is one perfect story!

I tried to find the song again to get me in the mood, but I couldn't remember what it was called and all my searches failed. I'm not completely satisfied with how these lyrics turned out. It was a cooler idea then it came out on paper...

Invisible Fairytale

I can watch someone fall in love
And I can watch them turn to steel
I can feel a warm summer’s sun
And I can feel the winter’s chill
I can hear a quit fairy’s tale
But what I hear is never real

I want to hear a fairy tale that’s true

Why dream the imaginary?
Will it end in cheerful laughter?
Good will always conquer evil
Live happily ever after
True love will triumph over all
I can hear the cynic’s laughter

I want to hear a fairy tale that’s true

I can pick up that book to read
Or I can look in life and see
Everyone has their tragedy
Heartache will set no prisoner free
A day in life will hammer pain
No fairy tale written for me

I want to hear a fairy tale that’s true

I know those that are strong and good
They laugh or they know it’s a lie
There are endless troubles in life
They can see through a cloudy eye
I’ve not seen love last forever
But I’ve seen the good lose and die

I want to hear a fairy tale that’s true

Maybe my mind isn’t enough
Can’t see and hear and feel it all
Maybe I won’t see good conquer
The future’s built beyond the wall
Maybe it’s saved ever after
Until then we must jump to fall

I want to hear a fairy tale that’s true

I have heard a fairy tale that’s true

© Miss Pickwickian

Thanks so much for reading! Tell me if you have any suggestions or thoughts.
Miss Pickwickian


Johanna said...

Pretty sweet.
I think the title is especially AWESOME. Did you come up with it all by yourself?? :-D LOLZ.

(Private joke...for all you other peoples)

Aisha said...

It's very cool. You write so well.
I positively adore the title though! Would you mind if I used the title in something of mine pleasepleaseplease???
Love you heaps!

Miss Pickwickian said...

Thank you! You are very encouraging...and very loyal. ;-)

Sure, Aisha. You can use the title all you want

I often panic when it comes to actually naming them. "Polka Dot" gets all the credit for this one actually... She's my editor. ;-)