Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Window - Me

These lyrics were inspired by a sermon on 1 John 2. I believe the finished version should be cut of a few verses, but it's too new to my heart to start hacking it to pieces. (I have to step back from my creations for a bit before I can start drastically changing them...)
I do admit, it's a little long. I hope you enjoy it anyways. ;-)


There’s a light in the window
There’s a wedding band
How will she tell her children?
Will they understand?

Because Daddy’s gone AWOL
He doesn’t know where
Couldn’t stand it anymore
Maybe he’s in prayer

She knows he’ll see the light

Her husband is gone somewhere
She could see it come
He’s looking for salvation
A heart that turned numb

She’s staring out that window
Looking for her man
Starts to whisper to the pane
I know why you ran

I know you’ll see the light

You can’t see the life you own
You’ve forgotten love
You’ll never find redemption
No voice from above

Call it your love or duty
Can’t you come on home?
You won’t find forgiveness there
You weren’t made to roam

I know you’ll see the light

Someday you’ll find salvation
And you’ll find it here
You will choose to care again
Can’t you persevere?

You’ve got to love your brother
Also means your wife
Kids you didn’t tell goodbye
Can’t walk out of life

I know you’ll see the light

You can find your redemption
When you choose to love
Pick up that Book to obey
His voice from above

Mama stares out that window
Waiting through the years
But somewhere he’s still roaming
Stay till he appears

She knows he’ll see the light

Thanks for reading!
Miss Pickwickian


free FONTS said...

nice poem...
keep up the good spirit!

Aisha said...

This is amazing. Very moving and vivid.

Jubilant Wife said...

That's so sad! Beautiful.

Johanna said...

Zowie. I love it.


DForster said...

That's really good, Bethany!