Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Music of "Open Range"

Michael Kamen was an amazing, amazing, amazing soundtrack composer! You've probably heard a lot of his music without even knowing it.

I love the soundtrack to "Open Range" (the last movie released with his music before his death in 2003).
And that's besides loving almost everything else about "Open Range". I love Charlie and Boss Spearmen's relationship. The actors were wonderful fits. For a western, the love story is actually quit tolerable too! Sue was believable and Charlie....well...he's amazing. (Probably another guy who helped form my character ideas). I love the complexity of everyone's characters and how they change. It was very well done.

I tried to find a good recording of the credit song, "Holding All My Love for You", but only could find one which was a tribute to a black lab. What's with that? Very odd... Anyways, here is a rather poor quality video of "Holding All My Love for You" as well as the opening Michael Kamen title. If the orchestral piece doesn't make your gut sing...well... There is something wrong with you. :-)

"Holding All My Love for You" is a wonderful song. It fits Charlie and Sue perfectly. I love the line "I've seen who you are" which is pretty much a direct quote from Sue. Obviously the song is a little romantic, but the concept is really, really cool.
I don't care to much for Julianna Raye's voice, but I hope you enjoy the song and the words. Listen carefully because I couldn't find a good copy of the lyrics.

Thanks for listening!
Miss Pickwickian

(Note: I would recommend "Open Range" if you haven't seen it, but we watch it on Clearplay and recommend you do too. It does contain some very untasteful fighting scenes and language.)


Aisha said...

Very beautiful music!
I watched the movie once many years ago. I think I should watch it again, cause I don't remember it too awful well. :)

Polka Dot said...

The best Western ever! I love Charlie.