Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I Limp - Me

I Limp

Life is never as it cries
It may whisper comfort here
Even as it still denies
I can’t stand the fight and blood
I have wrestled through it’s lies

Everywhere there’s broken walls
There is rubble standing high
There are eyes that watch the falls
They will mock my splintered bones
My own brother curses call

Broken heart with ceaseless prayers
My mind bleeds upon a rock
Seven years I clime these stairs
My own soul’s song hid itself
Seven years I conceal tears

All the darkest night we fight
A grim adversary strikes
But with dawn a brighter light
Wrestler stops and sings the words
“You have striven in the right”

Limping in a fair sunrise
Sunsets are all finished now
With the pain old sinner’s die
Dreams are gone but just begun
I can see a golden sky

© Miss Pickwickian

This song was originally intended to go a different and more clear direction, but it didn't. :-)

My first inspiration was a passing comment in a sermon on "Plowing with Purpose .
The comment was about Jacob and how God really brought on his trials (obviously since God is sovereign) and it was sort of come to culmination with Jacob's struggle.
God brings us difficult struggles and trials, but he does it for a purpose. And although we may limp away, we have been claimed by God.

I like the title "I Limp" for a variety of reasons. In the very rough, rough draft it was actually in the song, but the stresses weren't coming out right so I had to change it. I don't think it is that great of a song title, but I like the image that it gives.
God has brought us through trials. We are banged up, but we are stronger. We are Christ's.
I'll probably change it to something more suitable, but I'll enjoy it for now...

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed the lyrics. I didn't want the info first in this case, so I could see what you thought before I actually wrote any explanation.

I've been trying to work with stresses and such and I think I'm getting a little better with it... Hopefully!

Thanks for reading. I always enjoy hearing what you think.
Miss Pickwickian

Note: The brother cursing is strictly in reference to trials and specifically to Esau. My brothers do not curse me, in fact they are quite excellent. :-)

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Polka Dot said...

I <3 the song, although it is slightly too deep for my full comprehension. :)

You rock, sistah friend.