Thursday, January 13, 2011

Novel Update...

I mentioned that I had 60,000 words in this one millionth draft of Where Loyalties Lie... While I can't believe it but I'm considering changing the POV again. It's been mulling about for along time.

Remember the NaNoWrMo story? While I did finish that and got some very encouraging and helpful feedback on it. (I can talk about it now because it was a present for my mother and now she finally has it. :-)
I wrote it in first person just how it came out and it was extremely liberating and fun. (Don't worry, I went back and edited before I handed out any copies. ;-)

I feel like when I write in first person POV it is so much easier and it actually has some life. Nearly all the books I really adore are in first person. But my story has some essential plot elements that will be really tricky written this way.

I've read books that switch from one first person POV to another, but I've never liked it. One exception is Frankenstein and which is in letters or stories that the main character hears or reads. Gail Carson Levine's Ever was one example of this that failed for me (although I love her other books).

I have seen some authors pull off writing in first person for one character and third for another. Robert Newton Peck's Bro is like this and it's very powerful.

I don't know...

One huge advantage in first person POV is that your POV character can be relatively unlikeable but it's still easy to be sympathetic with. Reading back through what I've written I feel like Lilly is a very unlikable character, but that she just might pull it off in first person. I've never thought of her as unlikable, but that's certainly the way it comes across.

Of course there are a lot of edits that need to be done and the manuscript might look a little nicer with them, but right now... I'm seriously thinking about changing it.

I can't believe it... Ugh. I've already written most of it in about everybody's perspective under the sun, including multiple first persons.
I think I might be more cut out for just trying to look through one insignificant person's eyes than in trying to master the epic.

We shall see...

Thanks for reading,
Miss Pickwickian


The Director said...

Good luck, Miss Pickwickian ;) I understand the agony of picking a POV, in fact... I've been pondering about switching my nanovel's POV to 1st person..... ah, well.

Anyway, thanks for the post, and good luck again!


Anna said...

At least you were able to finish it and present it to your mother.
I like to write in 3rd, but am considering writing in 1st for my new idea.
I've heard it said those who can pull off 1st throughout a book, whatever is happening, are the most brilliant. :0
I don't know if its true or not, but I bet you could. :)
May you be blessed in your endeavers!
~Anna P.

Miss Laurie said...

I pray that your writing is going well. I so enjoy reading about other writer's struggles and blessings in writing.

I've awarded you on my blog. I enjoy lurking and reading your posts!

~Miss Laurie
Old-Fashioned Charm

Happy Homemaker said...

How about flipping a coin?