Thursday, January 27, 2011

Rewrite that...

I often think that I was born to be a writer not because I write well but because I speak badly.

There's a pretty good chance when I open my mouth it's going to be something ready to delete, but at least when I'm working with a pen revisions are more commonly acceptable.

I hope this is the pain of being revised.


Ashley said...

I think I am a writer because I dwell in words, and letters and language. I stink in math and science...But I have been blessed with the ability to write what I think and even though I'm no Einsteiny in the physics, I am a Dickens in the works.

KatySue Pillsbury said...

Amen, I can write but never ask me to talk coherantly.....

Liz B said...

That's very true...writing forces you to stop and think out what you want to say, and that say eloquent wording would rarely appear in everyday conversation.

Also, a question to a fellow writer. Do you choose to write with pen and paper, or through the computer? I personally like to write by hand, but usually when I start a story on paper, it transitions to the computer after only a handful of pages... Poetry and scribbles however I try to keep to real paper. Just wondering. :)

~Liz B,
long reader, new commenter

Bobbi Jo said...

Well, that's me.

Ellen said...

haha this made me laugh. :) Love you, Bethany!

Miss Pickwickian said...

Thanks for the comments everyone. They are...encouraging? :-)

Liz B,
Thanks for your comment.

I used to ONLY get inspired when it was a pen in my hand, but over the past several years I've been trying to transition. It saves a lot of time. :-)
I'm addicted to editing so the typing in general is a much better option for me.

Now I do okay on the computer, but there is nothing exactly like having a pen in your hand and a blank sheet of paper. ;-)

Your system sounds good. :-)

Miss Pickwickian