Saturday, January 8, 2011

To Lose Everything

Today it is 55 years.

He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.

Here is a quote from the introduction of Shadow of the Almighty by Elisabeth Elliot--

Jim's aim was to know God.
His course, obedience-- the only course that could lead to the fulfillment of his aim. His end was what some would call an extraordinary death, although in facing death he had quietly pointed out that many have died because of obedience to God.
He and the other men with whom he died were hailed as heroes, 'Martyers'. I do not approve. Nor would he have approved.
Is the distinction between living for Christ and dying for Him, after all, so great? Is not the second the logical conclusion of the first? Furthermore, to live for God is to die, 'daily', as the apostle Paul put it. It is to lose everything that we may gain Christ. It is in thus laying down our lives that we find them.

Thanks for reading,
Miss Pickwickian


JordieMarie said...

You should come visit me sometime, because (among *other* reasons to come to Idaho :P) Nate Saint's plane that he flew to Ecuador is housed at the MAF headquarters, which are located about 30 minutes from my house. :) So yeah. You should come visit and we can have a field trip!

Anna said...

These guys story is amazing, so is their wives, I really need to pick up that book.
I loved the movie they made, it made me cry a lot, but its such a beautiful account of what men can accomplish through G-d's strength.
~Anna P.

~Miss Raquel said...

I love Jim and Elisabeth Elliot...what a beautiful testimony!!

Miss Pickwickian said...

YES! I want to come visit you...and I'd love to see Nate Saint's plane! :-)

Yes, the story is AMAZING!
The movie wasn't my favorite...but I think I just loved everyone and had read to much so all the details that weren't perfect bothered me. :-) LOL. "Shadow of the Almighty", "Through Gates of Splendor", and Nate Saint's son's book are all wonderful.

Yes, I think this story is very inspiring. It has certainly been influential in my life...especially Jim Elliot's life and journals.

Thanks for commenting all! :-)

nzkiwigirl said...

Haha, so glad someone agrees with me about Mr. Bush! I love him to bits.
My sister thinks I'm crazy, coz she thinks he's awful! But she is a Mr. Kennedy lover...but as I always saying, there is no point in loving a man who dies half way through a film. At least Mr. Bush lives:-)
Love your blog! The background is so cool. And Jim is great, I love his and the 4 others' story. Sorry this is so long!

Happy Homemaker said...

Thanks for pointing out this anniversary!
I enjoyed reading Through Gates of Splendor.