Friday, March 25, 2011

I Will Follow You - from Bach's St. John's Passion

Earlier this month we were able to go to a beautiful performance of Bach's St. John's Passion in Portland. I'd heard most of it before, but never sat through it concentrating and reading the English translation.

If you can get a DVD, I strongly recommend adding it to your Lent traditions. I really want to become more familiar with it. The words are simply amazing. Can you imagine having something like this song in your own language? It makes me want to learn German (even more than usual).

This aria comes right after Jesus arrest and the Evangelist sings -
"Simon Petrus aber folgete Jesu nach und ein ander Junger"
Simon Peter, however, and another disciple followed Jesus.

This is the first soprano solo and focuses on something I've been thinking lately.

The live video isn't the best, but the building is beautiful behind them all. ;-)

No. 9 (13) Aria (Soprano)

Ich folge dir gleichfalls mit freudiegen Schritten
I will follow you likewise with joyful steps
und lasse dich nicht,
and will not let you [go],
mein Leben, mein Licht.
my Life, my Light.
Befordre den Lauf
Hasten the way,
und hore nicht auf,
and do not cease,
selbst an mir zu ziehen, zu schieben, zu bitten.
yourself, to pull at, to push [and] to beseech me.

Thanks for reading,
Miss Pickwickian


Amanda Evans said...

What a lovely voice she has! I think we have the DVD of this in Eli's complete Bach set. We'll have to check it out.

Rebekah said...

I haven't hear St. John's Passion but I have heard part of Bach's St. Matthew's Passion and loved it! I would love to hear it sung in a language that I could understand! I can just imagine how much more amazing it would be. :)

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