Monday, March 7, 2011

What I've been studying all week...

King Henry V a the Battle of Agincourt, 1415
by John Gilbert (1817-1897)

"The mirror of all Christian kings."

What do you think Shakespeare was trying to say?

Thanks for reading,
Miss Pickwickian


Bobbi Jo said...

We had a discussion about this, and many of my classmates concluded that Henry V was Machiavellian (doing what he needed to to gain/keep power, willing to pretend to be religious/honorable/whatever for that reason). According to that reading, all of his allusions to Scripture, record of his prayers, kindness to subjects/people he conquers, are all schemes to gain affection and power. "Mirror of all Christian kings" could be read as mirror image (i.e., opposite).

I started the debate on the other side (I liked the fellow and it was my first reading of Henry V), but by the end I think I was somewhat convinced by them. :)

Rosanne E. Lortz said...

Cervantes, a contemporary of Shakespeare, describes Don Quixote as the "mirror of chivalry" which, in the case of DQ, could definitely be a sarcastic reference.

Miss Pickwickian said...

Hmmm...both interesting thoughts. Thanks you!

Once I dig myself out of the reorganization of my room I really want to think through this some more.