Thursday, March 24, 2011

Persuasions - Doug Wilson

Persuasions: A dream of reason meeting unbelief
by Douglas J. Wilson

Rating: 8
Readability: 9
Impact: 8

Read it Again: Already did...but probably will again. :-)
Recommend it: Yes!

Persuasions is an interesting glimpse into clear thinking, practical theology, and unapologetic conviction. Doug Wilson organizes his short book into fourteen chapters, each dealing with a different traveler and their conversation with Evangelist. The story form and dialogue make it an easy read, while getting a taste of the arguments of atheists, agnostics, feminists, and others. Wilson shows that life apart from God’s Word must borrow reasoning from that Word and ultimately undermine itself.

If we try to persuade belief in Christ on merely an emotional basis, we deserve to be laughed at. We must know that what we believe is true. Surely this is part of the meaning of 1 Peter 3:15. Persuasions is a tool towards that end.

Certainly an easy group-read, extra Bible time activity, highschool assignment, or quick individual read. It started some interesting discussion in our house.

Down-to-earth honesty that brings ideas we often think unimportant into the realm we think and breathe everyday.

I'm trying to teach myself to think clearly and this book was certainly a help in that direction.

From the Book

Because each chapter could stand alone, individual quotes don't give the big picture of the book.
Here is one from Evangelist that I thought was particularly interesting-

I reject everything that rebels against God--no matter how many footnotes or big words are contained in the rebellion. God has laid the wisdom of this world into the grave. Modern scholars are vainly trying to bring about a resurrection. It cannot be done.

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