Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Script Frenzy

Anyone else participating in Script Frenzy? :-)

I haven't a clue what I'd like to do yet and I have some big non-fiction writing deadlines, but I want to try to participate. I've been trying to get more familiar with the whole screenplay writing thing anyways and this would be a lighthearted way to practice.

What shall I write about?

If your participating, what is script going to be about? If you think of it, friend me on their site!

Thanks for reading,
Miss Pickwickian


HannahGrace said...

I'm doing it with a friend, but we're on the Young Writers Program version. Our script... *laughs* is going to be very interesting. We're "time traveling" to our favourite movie, during World War Two, and we get to meet all these people from that time period that we like and the characters from the movie. ;-D It should be interesting!

Jemimah C. said...

I would like to try writing a script, though at this moment I still don't have any ideas how to make one or what to write about. But maybe I'll try.

Esmeralda Gatsby said...

I've always wanted to rewrite a play or something that had a good theme or something but didn't do it quite right. Maybe you could rewrite WEst Side Story and make it really awesome. Like, similar storyline but different themes and settings and...ahem...ending. Idk, maybe it'd be better to do something entirely out of your own head.

Polka Dot said...

YES, YES! Do a Romeo and Juliet retelling. :)

Rebekah said...

I've always wanted to do a screenplay retelling of some of the Christian Character Stories that I've grown up with... Working on my books though, doesn't leave me much time to do much screenwriting right now.

To the KING be all the glory!

Miss Pickwickian said...

Hmmm...you guys all have interesting ideas.

"Romeo and Juliet" could be interesting but
1) I rarely enjoy and stink at writing romances. 2) "Romeo and Juliet" is probably my least favorite Shakespeare play. 3) I don't know what Shakespeare was trying to say, which bothers me.

All these things could also make it a very interesting challenge. ;-)

Thanks for the comments all!

The Director said...

Hey girl ;)

I'm not doing Frenzy, but I am working on a screenplay right now :) Mind if I tell you about mine? (I'm horrible with giving other people ideas, so yeah....)

Okay, so mine is a contemporary script, about a soldier who's home on leave from Afghanistan or Iran or something ;) One of those places over there. Anyway, he's a Christian but has been struggling with his faith...
Okay, (I'm an awful pitcher, sorry.....) so you know how everything in our walk of faith is a battle, how there's always warfare and such, but also how Paul says to "Fight the good fight" and run the race, etc. You know?
Anyway, one night, at home, our soldier character finally is sick of fighting and things not being okay, and he whips open his Bible in search of answers, and has this whole struggle on his bedroom floor between him, his Bible, and God :)
And he has all these flashbacks from the last major battle in Afghanistan, and realizes that in the same way that he had to obey orders without knowing why, and doing things that were hard and pushing on because, durh, he's in a war, those memories come together as God shows him that his faith is exactly the same thing-- and it helps him to put on that soldier's mentality and realize that he can't just give up.

*breathes out*

I don't know if ANY of that made sense, wow.....

If that made no sense, here, my lame attempt at a professional elevator pitch: "A soldier home on leave struggles with his faith, but memories from the battlefield reveal to him the reality of his spiritual life."

Heh, heh. That was a loooong comment.

Anyway, there's my story :P I hope you can think of something and hearing about your script, seriously. Anything top do with screenplays and movies makes me SO excited, I kid you not.....

*coughs* I better go now or I'll keep talking forever.
Keep us folks in the blogosphere up to date with that script! :D

Miss Pickwickian said...

The Director, ;-)

Wow, your idea sounds like it has lots of potential. Thanks for sharing it. I'm excited for you! I hope I'll get to read more about it on your blog.

I've been mulling over the "Romeo and Juliet" idea. We'll see what I come up with. I have a big nonfiction deadline this month, so it can be something I TOTALLY obsess over. Sniff. But I think I can cram in the time here and there.

Thanks for commenting!

The Director said...

MIss Pickwickian,
Hey, thanks ;) You totally should do the Romeo and Juliet thing :D And don't worry-- 100 pages isn't so bad, just don't take it too seriously, you know what I mean?? ;)
Can't wait to hear more about it! :D

*Charity* said...

What's your user name so I can add you as a friend? My script is about a writer for New York's top magazine, CULTURE, named Sam Barlow who gets the opportunity to write a cover story about Broadway's rising writer/composer Zane D'Arabian.

Miss Pickwickian said...

Charity, I just friended you. Keep me updated on your screenplay. It sounds interesting!