Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Back to Routine

So, today I'm having a serious talk with myself. I need to get back to my daily word count.

I've been hammering through the rewrites on my short story, but now I've sent it to some trusted friends and I'm trying to remain at peace while I wait for feedback. Hopefully they'll still talk to me. :-)

This morning didn't go so well. You can ask Suzy. ;-)

I grabbed anything in arms reach to distract me...and since I've been trying to teach myself to enjoy poetry, Suzy got a good dose of Shakespeare's sonnets, Oscar Wilde, and Lord Byron.

I did discover a few things...

I've read Shakespeare's Sonnets more than once now, but it was an interesting review.

I'm fairly new to Oscar Wilde's poetry.
Suzy rejoiced over The Grave of Keats (I think Bright Star scared her forever) and reveled in The Dole of the King's Daughter although I'm not sure we figured out what it means exactly. I like Oscar Wilde's frequent references to Shakespeare and his characters too. His Ode to Portia is kind of cool.

I confessed I laughed during Byron's Lines Inscribed Upon a Cup Formed from a Skull. I don't think it was Suzy's favorite though. :-)
I discovered When we Two Parted which is what In Silence or Tears is based of (this is on the Gaudreau, Bennett, and Auldridge album, This Old Town). I had no idea. I love that song!
That was kind of cool.

All this caused me to irrupt in a few stanzas dedicated to Suzy, but she was not impressed.

So yes...I have writer's block.

But I will conquer it this afternoon.
I just need to tie myself to my chair, remove all the books from my reach, and start typing.
So yeah...I guess I should get going.

Sorry for the ramble,
Miss Pickwickian


Jubilant Wife said...

How about a refreshing walk, or a cup of delectable tea? Cider? Warm milk? What inspires you? A blank computer screen? How about a beautiful blank journal with a fountain pen in your hand?
Just some ideas... I hope it goes better for you soon!

By the way, you inspire me to read some poetry...

Esmeralda Gatsby said...

Maybe you should try writing something other than your story, just for a change. Just like a short story, just for the fun of it. Maybe writing something fun will sort of loosen you up to write your real story :) Whenever I have trouble writing I write something fun or goofy, or even a journal about my day or my feelings helps :)Writing for deadlines or for something alwyas kind of cramps one's writing a bit I think. Your writing brain needs a vacation :)

Hannah said...

Grab a cup of tea, sit yourself in front of a window, make sure you have your writing journal, loose lined paper, loose blank paper, several favorite pens and pencils, and your computer handy, and put on some epic music that reminds you of your story.
I hope this helps!

Miss Pickwickian said...

Thanks everyone.

You are all awesome!