Monday, April 11, 2011

God Is - by Doug Wilson

God Is: How Christianity Explains Everything by Douglas Wilson

A reply to Christopher Hitchens' God is not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything

A short, chapter-by-chapter response to Hitchens' book before their debates shown in Collision. It's an interesting look into organized thinking and gentlemanly, but firm, intense debate. ;-) It includes some good laughs...

Doug Wilson's responses are good for some mulling over, not just for arguing with an atheist. This portion really stuck with me--

"Sinners are guilty and all sinners must die. What the cross does is provide us with a way of dying, with resurrection as a promised consequence. Jesus did not die so that we might live. He died so that we might die; He lived so that we might live. This is our hope, and this is our glory. And God in His kindness has authorized His people to extend this offer--full of grace--to people like Christopher Hitchens."

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Edith F. said...

That is a powerful truth, in that quote. It is my observation that most people never come to grips with the idea that all sinners must die, and consequently their view of the world is skewed. This truth shows both God's justice and his great mercy in the starkest of terms.